Co founder and leader of "Be Moved"


Robin grew up in a non traditional Jewish family in Marin County California in the early 60's. Always the explorer, she dove into a strong spiritual path in her early 20's. And even though she still considers herself culturally Jewish , her "religion" of choice has been her love and devotion to such noted teachers and writers as Ram Das, Anne Lamott, Adyashanti, Elizabeth Lessor, Natalie Goldberg, Sharon Salzberg, Rupert Spira, Gabor Mate, the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gangagi. and so many more along the way. 

Robin also studied the Dharma with Jack Kornfield.

" To me, truth is truth, and when I resonate with a teaching it's there in my heart to give me strength and courage."

Robin has been a licensed Massage therapist since 1999 and an Esthetician since 1983.

Her background includes majoring in Psychology at UCI and CSUN, Volunteer work at Marin Women's Abuse Center, Saint Judes Home for neglected and abused children, Planned Parenthood, The Look Good Feel Better program with American Cancer Society, and Kauai Hospice. In addition she has over 30 years experience as a Hair Stylist, Massage Therapist and Esthetician. 

With over 20 years at the Alexander Day Spa at the Kauai Marriott, Robin became an educator of an apprenticeship program for Esthetics, a Supervisor and the Lead Esthetician .

She also was a Speaker at Weight Watchers in Northern California , leading at one time, nine meeting a week.

Recently Robin has been a part of a weekly group trained in NVC (non violent communication).

As the owner of Mobile Spa Kauai, specializing in Oncology Massage and Skin Care, and with her “FEEL BEAUTIFUL” program," , Robin has always felt an honor and privilege to be able to reach out and "touch" those going through cancer . 

In 2016 Robin was part of a pilot program with Kauai Hospice and again felt such an honor and grace being able to be of service to the dying and their loved ones.

Robin’s initial interest for Conscious Death and Dying organically evolved throughout her mother’s career as a trainer in grief counseling at The Marin Grief counseling center, starting in the 80’s. As fate would have it, 1994, she became her mother’s caregiver, as she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Then in 2009, Robin herself was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. That experience alone took her to a new level of understanding the body mind connection . Through many years of healing her own body and developing stronger skills in various psychospiritual therapies, she knew in her heart that she had been given this gift of soulful connection for those going through cancer and those who lost a loved one due to cancer. 

In September of 2017  Robin received her White Belt and became a certified Nia dance instructor. " I have been active my entire life and would feel lost without movement as part of my day". Starting with tennis at the age of 6 and developing other athletic skills along the way. In 1995, right after her mom died , Robin took her first Nia class in San Rafael. " I distinctly remember how I felt on that dance floor and knew in my heart that it was healing in more ways than one". There was an ease and a natural flow through this movement she had never experienced before. Fast forward to January 2017 she began taking Nia again with Isabelle and got hooked. "Nia literally has changed my life! It has given me the confidence and heart filled purpose of connection to myself and others on so many levels that I now can't imagine my life without it". 

And last but most definitely not least, Robin became a mom at the age of 40.

A year and a half after her mom died and two weeks after she arrived on Kauai , she found out she was pregnant. Stepping into this new skin of motherhood completely changed her view of life on so many levels with new purpose and understanding. 

   "My daughter Haylei has brought me so much joy and love in my life . She has a heart of gold and an inner beauty and wisdom beyond her years". 

My Passion...Dancing!



I am a lover of fashion and girl fun! I can definitely shop till I drop, enjoy a great pampering pedicure ,occasionally binge watch shows like "Sex and the City", "Bloodline",and "Nurse Jackie" and I chocolate!

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Always willing to grow and learn new ways to nourish my soul and bring meaning to my life. Connecting to myself and others with openness, truth,  and humor . Ability to see the silver lining when life is difficult and also knowing when it is time for the "cave" and going within. In pain or in joy, opening my heart to the mystery of being human, treasuring the dance of life.


Co founder and leader of "Be Moved"


Isabelle was born and raised in France and she is fortunate to be able to go visit her family every year! Stay tuned for retreats in France!! 

After graduating from high school, Isabelle’s passion for dance brought her to Paris where she studied intensely, and later on, to New York City in the early 80s, where she obtained scholarships in 2 well-known dance studios in Manhattan, Joyce Studio and Broadway Dance Theater. 

Upon returning to France for a while, she was the director of a dance school in Marseille, before moving back to New York, only to discover another passion, massage, body work and healing. She trained and graduated at the Reflexology Institute, as well as the Polarity Center, and was then trained for massage at the “Stress Less Step”. These first steps were the beginning of a life long career in massage and healing work. 

Isabelle has been a long time resident of over 20 years on Kauai, and loving the island life style! She had a deep calling for Hawaii…. ask her about that story if you get a chance!

She was one of the onsite property managers at Shakti Gawain’s retreat center on Kauai, “Kai Mana” and received private conscious work and training with Shakti and her staff. Shakti Gawain is a pioneer is creative visualization and wrote the best seller with same title, among other inspiring books. 

Isabelle and her husband Rod have been business owners for over 10 years, previously with the Pua Day Spa at the Courtyard Marriott, and currently co owners and co founders of the Golden Lotus Studio and Massage training in Kapaa Kauai. 

She is a massage trainer, Nia dance instructor and producer of events. She has been dancing through life with Nia practice for 10 years, and is a Black Belt Nia teacher. Also trained in “Moving to Heal”, a gentle approach to Nia practice. 

She has been actively involved on a spiritual path since she was a teenager, studied astrology, Raja Yoga, Meditation, and her main lineage of spiritual practices have been Soto Zen as well as the Sufi path of Hazrart Inayat Khan. She has been initiated in both traditions. 

Her fascination for personal growth had her exploring lots of different therapies, as well as conscious work.

She has been involved in a Conscious Death and Dying group here on Kauai for the last 2 years, and participated in creating an 8 weeks course in Conscious Dying. 

Isabelle is founder, owner and leader of "Discover my Provence" tours of the south of France.

Here are a few elements that supported Isabelle along her path and made her who she is now:

Trained hospice volunteer, trained volunteer for the Hawaiians Monk Seals endangered specie, Caregiving, 12 steps program, studied sacred sexuality with David Deida and Robert Frey,  dancer performer in France as well as Kauai (Modern, Armenian and African Dance) she loves Salsa and makes fun playlists for Ecstatic dance practice as well!  

Isabelle is trained as a Voice Dialogue Facilitator, and has studied and practiced Non Violent Communication (NVC) She also did “Lifespring” training and is staff and initiated with Woman Within International, currently co leading a monthly group

My passion....Dancing!



I am often afraid of missing out on anything, a day without chocolate is a sad day, it took me over 50 years to accept and love my body, there is never enough time to acomplish all I desire in one day.....

Happily married to Rod Fisher



Connections, kindness to all beings and all creatures, beauty, nature, honesty, vulnerability, fun, laughter, transparency, courage, love, tenderness, adventures, family, health and fitness, spirituality....